How To Apply Your Beard Oil

I will have a much more detailed post with images soon, but wanted to educate everyone on how you

should use your beard oil. Beard oil is simple to apply to your face. Here are a few steps for you to get your beard all oiled up. 


Step 1. Take your beard oil dropper and put about a dime size amount in the palm of your hand. 

Step 2. Rub the oil together in your hands for just a second 

Step 3. Apply the oil in your hands to your beard. Rub it all in. 

Step 4. If you have a longer beard, comb in the oil with a beard comb. Comb down first, then comb your beard up and then back down to shape it. 

Step 5. Enjoy the great feeling and wonderful smells of using your Bluegrass Beard oil in your beard. 


Thats it. Super easy. Enjoy.